Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Spring Break!

I can't believe spring break is already here. There is only six more weeks of school left for the semester. Yes!! We decided to stay home this year and let Colby work on his research. So, as all of our friends set off to their destinations, Colb and I stayed in the cold. Quite ironically, the first day dumped about 12" of snow on our almost snow ridden lawn. It was quite the storm and I really didn't mind it at all. In fact, the snow on Beaver is awesome right now. I hate snowboarding on icy snow. It hurts too bad, because I mostly just eat it all the time.

This week is the sixth week of training for the Ragnar Relay. It never gets easier. Someone asked me at what mile did I get the "runners high" and I was like runners high? What is that? That never comes.

Our team this year is Johnsons Rule and it consists of me, two sisters, two brothers, my parents, and some other friends. We'll see how we do and if we aren't all dead by the end, I will consider that a success.

Here is the overview map. We'll start at Merlin Olsen park here in Logan and end up in Park City. Even though it looks crazy, it's pretty fun. Hopefully I won't cry this year.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


What a great year for us! Looking back at the year, I am reminded of all the blessings that came our way this year. It was a growing year for me as well, I was able to endure some rough patches and forgive without keeping any hard feelings at all. That is an accomplishment that I am quite proud of.

Here is a little of what happened in the last year:

In January we started our last semester of college. I started my student teaching, which turned out to much more challenging than I had expected. I never got used to being called Mrs. Jensen. It just sounds too old. Colby had a relatively easy semester, compared to the last couple of years. It seemed as if our roles changed. I was the one always doing work for school, and Colby got to relax a little. I think we were both glad the semester came to an end.

In April, Colby found out that he was the valedictorian for the Mechanical Engineering Department as well as the College of Engineering. He would kill me if he knew I was telling anyone (he barely told his own mother). Because of this award, the plans for pursuing a concurrent BS/MS were down the tube. So we both officially graduated. Colby gave a great speech. I think if he were offered the award again, no question, he would turn it down. He hated giving that speech. So, we are now official college graduates.
Summer: Colby worked doing research for a professor, which will also be the research for his thesis project in the masters program. I took the summer off of school and work and loved every minute of it! We bought a motorbike over the summer and flew out to California to pick it up. What a trip! We rode back in two days. The first day was awesome. We drove through Lake Tahoe and saw some really pretty scenary. The second day pretty much sucked as we sped throught the Nevada desert. We took the bike out quite regularly the rest of the summer. I can't wait until it warms up enough to take some more trips.
Colby also had a brother get married this summer which was an exciting time for the family. They are great and we were glad to gain another sister-in-law.
August: Colby started the MS program in Mechanical Engineering and I decided that as long as Colby was in school, I would be too. I looked at my options and decided that a second bachelor's in business administration would be a good way to go. It helps that my work pays for school.

All in all, the summer was pretty cool, too bad I had to back to work.

The semester faired well, Colby of course excelled in classes, I actually did a lot better than I thought I would. The best part came at the end of the semester when we said goodbye (even if only for a short while) to Cache Valley and headed to Hawaii for Christmas. It was awesome and I have wanted to go back for a long time now. We spent a good two weeks there and had a tropical Christmas. My parents, by brother Russ, and two of my sisters D and L were there, along with our good friends D, J, and Dre.

We had an awesome time and had a lot of adventures, including the 20 hour blackout, octopus hunting,and wave catching. During our trip we also celebrated 3 years of being married!

So, 2008 was a very eventful and productive year. I can't wait to see what 2009 brings us.