Wednesday, March 11, 2009

It's Spring Break!

I can't believe spring break is already here. There is only six more weeks of school left for the semester. Yes!! We decided to stay home this year and let Colby work on his research. So, as all of our friends set off to their destinations, Colb and I stayed in the cold. Quite ironically, the first day dumped about 12" of snow on our almost snow ridden lawn. It was quite the storm and I really didn't mind it at all. In fact, the snow on Beaver is awesome right now. I hate snowboarding on icy snow. It hurts too bad, because I mostly just eat it all the time.

This week is the sixth week of training for the Ragnar Relay. It never gets easier. Someone asked me at what mile did I get the "runners high" and I was like runners high? What is that? That never comes.

Our team this year is Johnsons Rule and it consists of me, two sisters, two brothers, my parents, and some other friends. We'll see how we do and if we aren't all dead by the end, I will consider that a success.

Here is the overview map. We'll start at Merlin Olsen park here in Logan and end up in Park City. Even though it looks crazy, it's pretty fun. Hopefully I won't cry this year.