Thursday, October 18, 2012

Fall is so much FUN!

We have been having so much fun in this warm fall weather.  For the last couple of weeks we've had family night in the canyon before it gets too cold (and have a new baby) and we are stuck inside.
Can't resist throwing rocks into the water

Calem is really good at pointing out fish in the water.  He's surprised us a couple times with how quickly he spots them.

Calem and Penny

All together now

This little kiddo is so fun to be with if you can catch him.  He has so much energy and is always on the go.  He may look like he has a halo, but don't let it fool you!

The famous Calem cheezer.  He shows off his teeth.

Calem has been helping grandpa at the farm a lot lately.  He even gets to go home with grandpa on Friday nights to help him.  Here he is picking pumpkins.  He loves to pick the green ones.  Notice his cool work gloves grandpa gave him last week.  Best thing ever.

Working hard to pull off the vines

Here he is with a truck load of pumpkins.  He is trying to turn the cat's head so he's looking at the camera too.  Poor kitty.

Calem found out how much fun leaves were today.  I may be a bad mom by letting him and in fact encouraging him to jump from the garbage can.  They're LEAVES, and this boy has no fear.
The landing

Ready to jump again

This may be one of his favorite things to do now

We are just praying that the real cold weather doesn't get here anytime too soon, there is just so much more fun we could have.