Wednesday, September 1, 2010

And he's off!

For the last couple of weeks Calem has been trying to crawl, but just couldn't figure it out. He would scoot both back legs forward and then do a superman dive to see if he had gone far enough to reach whatever he was trying for. Over and over again he would try and after quite a few attempts, a lot of grunts, screams of frustration, and reaching fingers, he would finally get it. Take a look at the inch worm .

About a week ago he finally was able to put it all together, and he's off! He is getting pretty good and getting into everything. He seems much more content and that makes my life so much easier! I would much rather chase him around than have him ornery because he can't reach anything. Of course I say that now...I am very good at eating my words. That may actually explain the recent couple of pounds I seemed to have acquired. hmmmm.

Here he is crawling.

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The Nate and Sara Project said...

Hey! I just fell upon your blog. Could you guys make a trip out to Ridgecrest and have Calem show Evan his moves? Cause it sure isn't happening for Evan. :) Glad I found you guys!