Friday, April 29, 2011

Bring on the Spring

I CAN'T WAIT for the warm weather to come because:

1. that means the semester is OVER and we have actually survived Colby's LAST semester of classes (no he's not done, but at least no more classes!)

2. less laundry ( I will be sending Calem outside with only a diaper)

3. Running outside...or at all (I have been intimidated to run this year for some may be the last run I did was a marathon about killed me)

4. Grilling and eating outside (a lot less dishes to do)
5. Being outdoors (We all have the worst spring fever in our small place)

6. Gold Hill in Mink Creek ( to get away from it all!)

7. More time on the farm

But for now I guess I'll have to endure the next two weeks
And the approaching snow storm. BOO!

Now for a random pic...

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D of D,J,Dre,W.D. said...

So glad that you posted!! We love the picture of your little giant and miss you guys!

Love you!

The Millers