Sunday, November 23, 2008

Seven School Days Left!

That's right I'm counting down. One more down (almost) and 2 more to go! This week has been awesome.
I've been playing in a volleyball rec league and this week ended the tourney. We came in 2nd and I had so much fun. It had been so long since I had played any volleyball at all (2001), and I forgot how much I missed it. A basketball league starts after Christmas and I'm pumped for that too.
My Bunco bunch got together on Wednesday and I finally won! That never happens and I am excited to say I came home with the biggest prize.
I took two days off of work. I took them off to do homework, even though that didn't work out all that well, it was a really nice break.
My sister-in-law had her baby! It is a perfect little girl with long and thick brown hair. Seriously, it has to be almost two inches long. Kara was only in labor for a little while and they are both doing great. We went to see them that day at the hospital and I held the baby when it was only a couple of hours old. She is actually a cute little baby (and that is saying a lot :) ). I am blessed with a great family on both sides and I am grateful for another little niece.

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