Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Always playing catch up

Since it has been over a year since I posted it's hard to catch up. But here are the most eventful things that happened in the last year:

1. My little sister Lacey was married! It was a fun day and even though she took a huge risk of having an outside reception in May, it turned out PERFECT! That girl has got some luck. We are also excited about having Brandon in the family, he's pretty cool. Again. That girl has got some luck.

2. Next we decided to get prego...and it worked! Nuff said.

3. My dad and mom, Dix, Rich, Sun, Me, and some other friends ran the RAGNAR Wasatch Back in June. I was eight weeks along and no one knew yet. I kind of liked having the secret.

4. Colby and I saddled up on the motorcycle and headed off to Glacier National Park. Halfway there, we met up with Doug. He was kind enough to let us crash on his floor and shower in the morning. He's awesome. Glacier was awesome and so PRETTY. You can see so much on a bike. All in all we covered 2000 miles in a weekend....saddle sore.

5. Dixie and I decided to run a marathon this year. I had never even thought that I could run one. We signed up for the Mesa Falls Marathon and Jenny the half. It was the prettiest run ever. You got to see the Tetons about 8 miles in and then you ran by the Mesa Falls and then you ran along a river path. There was so much scenery 23 miles went by so fast. The last 3....SUCKED! I was 17 weeks along and looked like a fat girl running.

6. In October My Dad and Mom, Dix, and I decided to run another RAGNAR. This time in Vegas. It was fun and we ran with tons of friends. It was pretty interesting running with 5 1/2 month belly. All the attention that bump brought got OLD. I was glad when the race finished for that reason.

7. Colby and I decided it was best to further Colby's education one step farther...phD. We will be staying at USU and Colby will continue to work for his professor. He will be working closely with the Idaho National Lab and we think there are some great possibilities that will come from that. I'd rather stay poor while I'm used to it :).

8. The last thing that happened this last year was CALEM. Our BIG little boy was born on January 27. We couldn't be more happy or excited that he is here ( may tell you something else at 3 am). He is now 3 months old and over 21 lbs.! He is Colby's mini me and it is so fun to watch those two.

This last year has been AWESOME!

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Amanda said...

I am so glad to see you posted!! You did have a great year. I still can't believe you did all of that running pregnant. I am nervous about doing the Wasatch Back being seven months, I can't even imagine doing a marathon! Keep up the posting and then you wont have to play catch up! ;)