Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Sunny San Diego

We just got back from a week long trip to San Diego! It was a vacation for Calem and I and work for Colby. Colby presented some results from his thesis project at a conference so it was a good excuse for me to tag along and have a little vacation. It was awesome.

Our trip started a little rocky by missing our 8:30 flight- (even though we were there over an hour early). Twelve hours later we were finally on a flight. Colby informed me that I would never win the Amazing Race which pretty much ran me into depression. Unfortunately this comment may be true as I consistently took the wrong exits everywhere (sigh).

For the first 4 nights we stayed in Old Town San Diego which is a pretty cool place. It is all decked out with old looking Mexican style buildings. Think Jackson Hole but in Mexico. We ate at a Mexican Restaurant for my birthday and we were serenaded by two on guitars singing in Spanish. Awesome! There is also a Mormon Battalion Visitors Center there with a really cool video tour. And we got our picture taken at the end.The sister missionary snapped this pick at exactly the right time. I love that scrunched up face!

We also found 3 in 1 tickets which lets you go to Sea World, San Diego Zoo, and the Wild Animal Park for 5 straight days. Tickets were spendy and I'm not looking forward to buying tickets for kids. The parks were really cool though and I'm glad we went.This is of the panda exhibit, you can barely see the panda through the glass. This is a "see Calem you've already been to the zoo" pic. Somehow I don't think this will get us out of going again some time.
There were some really pretty beaches and these are pics while visiting some tidepools.
This pic is from our second hotel room. It had a full wall mirror and Calem loved looking at himself (or the happy baby) in the mirror. As you can see, I thought it was pretty funny.
All in all we had a really good trip (and Colby's conference went well). Calem did great all week and was really a trooper. The plane ride wasn't even bad. I love vacation though it is always a relief to get back home.


Amanda said...

Looks like a great trip, but that is a sad realization to come to about the Amazing Race! I still have high hopes but only if Lando can get even the littlest of competitive streak in him. Love the "see Calem, we DID take you to the zoo" picture, you guys are great!!

D, J, and Dre said...

I'm so glad that you guys had such a fun trip! Calem is such a handsome guy and, from what I hear, a really good sport about the long airport delay. We miss you guys!